Sample Checklist of Items Needed for Review

  1. Past 3 years tax returns – federal and state.

Copies of statements for all:

  1. Retirement accounts employer sponsored 401(k), pension, SEPs, Simple IRA, regular and Roth IRAs.
  2. Savings, checking, and any other bank accounts.
  3. Investment accounts including savings bonds and stock certificates.
  4. 529, custodial, or other college savings accounts.
  5. Trust Accounts
  6. Copies of all property deeds and auto titles.
  7. Copies of all insurance coverage – life, health, home, auto, disability, liability, long term care.
  8. Copies of any Will, Trusts, Health Care Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, Living Will
  9. Copy of all mortgages, loans, lines of credit, credit card statements and any other liabilities.
  10. Most recent Social Security Statements.